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30 Oct 2018   /   0 comments

The Richest Person by State


Moving from one shining sea to the other, the United States of America is full of wealthy billionaires. Determining who the richest person in each state is, we have created a list of the wealthiest individuals. Below is the list of the wealthiest individuals per state, along with their source of income, with information on whether they were self-made businessmen or simply inherited family wealth.

Co-founder of technology company, Bills Gates is the richest among these billionaires, with a net worth of about 88.9 billion dollars.

Giving him a run for his money is business magnate, Warren Buffett following closely with 76.2 billion dollars. Both men are philanthropists, with Bill Gates heading the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation alongside his wife.

This foundation has an endowment of more than 44 billion dollars. Octogenarian, Warren Buffett has also given away well over $30 million dollars in charity, ranking as the second highest amount ever given out in charity.

Alongside Buffett and Gates, Mark Zuckerberg the wealthiest billionaire in California; having a net worth of 62.4 billion dollars, make up the most popular billionaires in America. Taking a look at the other wealthy individuals who are not so famous.

There is definitely a huge variety of wealth in each and every one of these states.

Jonathan Rubini and Leonard Hyde are tied for the richest person in Alaska, however, their combined wealth stands at 340 million dollars, just 2.6 percent of Bill Gates’ net worth. This shows that the distribution of wealth in America is quite strange and uneven.

Nevada billionaire, Sheldon Adelson is someone a lot of people have never heard of, even though his net worth standing at 35.6 billion dollars, is very close to that of Jim Walton, son of the founder of Wall-Mart. An explanation for this is the fact that while one family is subject to various conspiracy theories, the other was the largest donor in the last American election.

Many times, we see that the richest person in a particular state is closely associated with a well-known company. Examples of such people are Michael Blomberg of New York, the owner of Bloomberg LP, Mary Alice Dorrance Malone of Pennsylvania, a board member of Campbell Soup Company.

Harry Stine of Iowa, is the owner of Stine Seed, the largest independent seed company, being very vital to the food industry and agriculture in the United States.


The wealthiest person in each of these states may be totally unknown by the people of that state, as they may probably not rank among the richest in the US or the world. On the other hand, many of the richest people in the US, may not be the richest in their states, as they live in states with many wealthy individuals.

States such as California, and Washington where the great wealth of the nation is congregated. Going by this, it is very possible that one of the wealthiest persons in America is living right next to you.

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