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Therapy Without Insurance, Is it possible?


Any kind of therapy is very expensive if you do not have an insurance coverage. A single session of therapy can cost anywhere between $300 to $500. However, if you need therapy then there are no two ways about it. Mental health is very important so do not let the price of therapy stop you. Another option is to tale a title loan for the therapy.

There are a few companies that understand your urgency and give you cash in hand from title loans. Even if you have an unscheduled session the money will suffice to cover that. Getting a title loan can be stress free and a simple process if you play your cards right. There are a few options to get therapy as well or a good discounted session.

How to get low cost therapy?

It is possible to get low cost therapy depending on the condition you are in and you may qualify for heavy discount.

Discount for students: If you are a student or studying in a university the campus will have mental health facility which you can avail. If your campus does not have one you can visit an external doctor who give special discounts for students.

Church assistance: Usually some churches offer pastoral counseling. A trained minister helps you out of the difficult circumstances. It is lot cheaper than the regular mental health facility.

Teaching hospitals: If you live near a graduate school or training hospital you can visit them for low cost therapy. Usually students who are training to be social worker or psychologists willingly take you on as their patient. They need hands on experience to practice. They give heavy discounts for people who go to trainees and sometimes it is free. However, they are supervised by a licensed practitioner.

Employer assistance: If you are employed in a company they give you insurance for mental health coverage. Your office can set you up with a network of counselors. They take a brief financial background of your expenses and then will suggest a therapy plan that fits into your budget.

How to get therapy for free?

Even after all these options if you cannot afford therapy there are some more options that you can explore.

Therapy on pro bono basis: Some therapists offer pro bono assistance and it is a part of their job code. They take on at least 2 to 3 clients on a pro bono basis to people who really need it. For this the therapist will first evaluate your condition and then determine if they can take up your case.

Online solutions: there are several online groups and communities who support each other in the group. There are apps to manage anxiety and stress as well.

Resources 211: 211 is a free service that helps people with mental health condition and provide you with the right resources. They even help you with employment assistance.

Some of the options should work for you. If none of these work, then you will have to look at other options like getting a part time job or take financial help from a trusted person.

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