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Title Loans Buyout vs Title Loan Refinancing

refinance title loans vs buy out


Title loan buyout and Title loan Refinancing are two separate terms but many people do confuse these terms and sometimes used them anonymously.

Before we proceed, we will like to make a clarification on both terms.



Title loan refinancing is when you have obtained a loan from a lender but wanted to strike another loan deal with another company.

The new company will pay the balance of your existing loan, transfer the balance onto a new loan and also offer you more money if your vehicle worth it but with a different and hopefully more favorable interest rate when compared with the previous company as well as a repayment plan.



Title loan buyout is similar to title loan refinancing, the little different is that your opinion is not needed in this type of loan program.

A buyout is a type of situation where your lender transfers your loan deal to another company.

For instance, you got a loan from company A and company A sold your loan deal to company B at a discount.

Company B will continue to take care of all affairs related to your loan and you will directly be responsible to company B instead of company A.



Title loans are perfect option when you need urgent cash but it’s possible to have fall victim of obtaining the loan from a wrong company since the situation was very urgent.

Until the introduction of title loan refinancing program, people who found themselves in such a situation do not have a choice than to continue paying back or lose their collateral.

Refinancing is a perfect solution if you find yourself incapable of continuing the monthly payment with another company or coping with their interest rates or probably you are tired of their service.

Refinancing comes with mutual benefits; it offers you a chance to renegotiate your loan terms and got the refinancing company a new business as well.



It’s never your fault that you are a victim the first time because you were in an emergency situation that demanded urgent cash.

You are not to be blamed because then, you thought that company was offering you the best deal; we can’t blame you because you never knew such amount will be difficult for you to pay every month.

You do not need to blame yourself for anything; we are here to help you!

who we are


TFC Title Loan is a loan company established in 1994 with a major goal of rescuing people out of difficult financial situations.

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, TFC Title Loans exist to help you get the cash you need fast without any hassle.

We have helped thousands of people in their financial difficult time so your own will not be impossible.


With us, you can get a helping hand as we will offer you the best loan deal that will go in accordance with your financial situation as well as rescue you out of loans that have put you in another financial situation by refinancing it and offering you favorable terms.

We exist in almost every corner of the United State and we always provide sufficient money to tackle your emergencies where title loans are permitted.



Easy Application and Approval

Applying for loan and loan refinancing at TFC Title Loan is as simple as anything you can think of, the requirements are quite simple.

We will beat all competitors’ terms and conditions to offer you the best.


A Company That Cares

TFC Title Loans is not a company that is interested in just borrowing people money because of its own profit; we ensure that you get the best loan deal that will not put you in any risk of losing your collateral.

Our loans representations are well trained to provide maximum customer care services and also resolve any of your concern.

They will do anything for your convenience and peace of mind.

When we refinance your loan, we put into consideration all the factors that will make you happy and this is what kept us totally different from all our competitors since 1994.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

TFC Title Loans got your back every time and every place; we are next to you and just one call away.

Accessing our loan services is one of the easiest things to do.

You can access our loan service while sitting in a cab; while working in your office; while resting in your sitting room; you can access our loan almost everywhere.

You can always request for a loan or loan refinancing on your phone or pc by visiting our website, it only takes a couple of seconds to complete the loan application and to get pre-approval.

When visiting our office to finalize your loan deal, all the process only takes couples of minutes as our representatives are already waiting for you and do not have any interest in delaying you for any reason.

When you call, chat or email, our staffs are trained to respond within the shortest seconds.


Competitive Rates

At TFC Title Loans, we don’t just give loans, we give loans to rescue people out of their emergency situation.

We cherish the humanitarian services and that is why we offer each of our customers the most competitive rates they can get especially for our customers who are trying to refinance their loan from someone else.

Offering them the most competitive rates that will lighten their burden as possible.

We are competent and we put our customers first and that’s why we can guarantee the best possible loan refinancing.


Customized Planstitle loans and liens

At TFC Title Loans, we understand that you seek a loan refinance because you are not comfortable with the services of your previous lender and that is why our loan specialist.

Working with you to design a customized refinancing term that is far better than your current loan.

We will consider your source of income and financial status to plan a repayment plan that will not cause havoc to your lifestyle.


Straightforward Service

Transparency is something we consider very important at TFC Title Loans, our loan representatives.

We showed you all you need to know, prepare all terms and conditions including fees that will be involved in the loan deal in a drafted document and make sure you understand every detail before you sign a loan deal with us.

Apart from the loan agreement you sign with us, there is no hidden fees or any pre-payment penalties that may make you pay more than what you signed.

Others may be doing it but we are totally different.



Applying for a current loan refinance with TFC Title Loans is not that difficult, it’s very similar to applying for a new title loan.

Complete an online loan refinancing application on our website or visit any of our offices to apply for a loan refinancing.

Provide all necessary information as requested by the form such as your name, your car model, mileage and so on; submit and await our loan representatives that will contact you to get additional information about the loan to refinance and you if needed.

A decision will be made based on the information you provided.

Once you are approved for the loan refinancing, we will completely pay off your current loan and offer you lower repayments and affordable interest rates.

what to expect from TFC Title Loans


When you chose TFC Title Loans for your loan or loan refinancing, there are a few things you should expect but the basic three are transparency, honesty, and fairness.

We put you first and that’s why we can assure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Our representatives will give you details explanation about the loan contract before you sign and this will guide you from missing payments and defaulting on your loan.

We respect your time and that’s why we will detail all we can offer from the onset rather than putting you in another difficult situation in the name of refinancing your loan.

With our easy application and great customer service, your financial future will be balanced when you have us refinance your current loans.



There are few questions people frequently ask about title loans and loan refinancing and we have been able to provide answers to the majority of those questions asked in the past.

Before you have another company refinance your current loans, we taught it will be best if you let you learn one or two things from the answers that have been provided to the most asked questions in the past.


Are there penalties for early car title loan repayment?

Before you have your loan refinance by another company, a better loan contract is what you want so there is no point in putting yourself in another financial burden.

Paying early if you have the capacity is the best way to financial freedom.


What happens if my installment payments are late?

Regularity in payment makes you complete your loan repayment in due time, make all effort to make your repayment a priority.

If you know you will be late in your repayment, notify us before that time so that we can help you from going into default.

questions and answers

Is it a good idea to refinance my car title loan with?

It’s not a bad idea as long as you are getting a better deal.

When you first applied for the loan, it’s possible to have chosen the wrong company because you were in an emergency situation so having your loan refinance by another company that we give you a better offer is not a bad idea.

Can I keep my car?

Our car title loan does not intend to cause any havoc to your lifestyle so you retain ownership rights to your car while using it as collateral with us.

We keep the title while you drive the car and repay the loan.

Required documents to qualify for a refinance loan?

The major documents are your original car title, original copy of your car title loan contract, your proof of income and your residential proof.

Other few documents may be required but they are things that you have.


Does your company require credit checks?

TFC Title Loans does  require credit checks. We offer you a loan against the value of your car and ability to repay the loan.


How can I make my title loan affordable?

We can borrow you a high amount, as much as $50,000 as long as the value of your car worth it but don’t take more than you need.

Also, be sure that your repayment plan goes in accordance with your source of income.



Whether you request for a new title loan or you have us refinance your current loan, they both work by transferring the title of your car through liens.

A lien is a kind of legal hold that guarantees and indicates that we have a financial interest in your car when we placed it on the title.

It serves as a kind of security for us when we offer you a loan using your car as collateral.


Remember you don’t park your car with us but when we give you a loan.

We placed a lien on the title to ensure that you pay us back as at when due and likewise.

when we paid your debt, and the lender release the lien on your title.

The lien is the bond that serves as the security for the loan.


Let us show you that you deserve a better offer when you need a loan or need to refinance your loan. We are just one call away. Call 1-844-242-3543 to speak with our representative.





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