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27 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Title Loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator with TFC Title Loans


TFC Title Loans helps people with all types of different financial problems. We see people from different types of lives, and they all need our help. We believe that our customers deserve to have one less stressful problem in their life, so we offer them Car Title Loans. Here is how we helped Marcia with her financial obligations when she took out a title loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator.

Title Loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator

Title Loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator

Marcia L. came to realize recently that she needed some help to pay for her credit cards. If she couldn’t find a way to pay them and soon, she would have to sell her car to pay for them. It would cause more problems for her because that meant no means of transportation and no way to get to work. She turned to the internet to find ways to get money fast. Marcia’s searching led her to TFC Title Loans, where she found out that her car title could be used as collateral and she could continue driving her car. She decided to talk with an agent to see how much money she’d be able to get if she got a Title Loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator.

With her 2005 Lincoln Navigator, the Kelly Blue Book value was $3,663 with a current mileage of 152,095. She wanted as close to $3,000 as she could get to give her enough money to pay off her credit cards and have some wiggle room with her finances. TFC Title Loans understood that she needed help. She was approved for a loan of $2,681! Marcia went into the TFC office in Bakersfield to sign her papers and walked out with her money, just like that. She told her TFC agent that the application process was so easy to do and really enjoyed her customer experience. TFC was “very attentive” and helped get her as close to the amount she needed as possible. She plans to budget her payments month by month, paying what she needs to. In choosing TFC, she even has the ability to pay early since there are no prepayment penalties. She’s on a plan to pay her loan off by July 2019. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, so knowing Marcia left our office with a smile on her face let us know that we did our job.

Let TFC Title Loans Help You

For over 20 years, TFC Title Loans has been putting smiles on people faces by helping them obtain a title loan in their time of need. Marcia L.’s story is such a common dilemma that we see with many of our customers. By sharing her story, we hope you can see that you’re not alone and that we’re here to help you with any bill you need to pay. We hope that seeing her story and her satisfaction was able to convince you that we’re the lender you need. If you’re still on the fence, check out all these other benefits that we have to offer:

  • Online application process with locations across California, New Mexico, and Arizona
  • Money in as little as one business day
  • Driving your car throughout the loan life
  • The most money for your vehicle
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Loan terms from 24 to 36 months

Fill out our application today and see if you qualify today! It takes only minutes, and we’ll call you before the day’s end.

Applying with TFC Title Loans

We want you to be ready for our call! We only need a couple of documents for you to apply. Have them ready and we’ll be able to get you your money as soon as possible.

  • Vehicle title in your name
  • Insurance proof
  • Driver’s License or Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency like a utility bill
  • Monthly income proof
  • List of 6 references with a family member as one of them

Once you’ve finished, make sure you have pictures of your car for us to access. After that, all you have to do is go over your terms that your agent will draw up for you. After agreeing to the interest rates and the life of the loan, we set up an appointment for you to come in and sign the papers. We double check your car and have you sign your papers. You get your check and it’s done! See how easy we make it? No waiting, no hassle. Start your application today!

Now you know how to get a Title Loan on a 2005 Lincoln Navigator

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