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27 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic with TFC Title Loans


Life is a journey and the ride can come with some bumps in the road. Whether you’re hit with some unexpected medical expenses or you need a pick-me-up, money is hard to come by outside of your normal source of income. TFC Title Loans wants to help put more money into your pocket through Car Title Loans. Patricia L. was able to start fresh with a title loan on a 2006 Honda Civic.

Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic

Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic

After a rough divorce, all Patricia L. wanted was to get back on her feet. Her first idea was to withdrawal from her 401K plan. With her first option, her 401K was in risk to a 10% early withdrawal penalty which could have been troublesome for her when it was time to retire. Talking with one of her friends, they suggested that she call TFC Title Loans because she could take out a title loan on her car by using the title as collateral. Patricia decided to try it out and look into TFC Title Loans.

Patricia inquired about her 2006 Honda Civic that had 134,809 miles on it. When talking with her representative, she told them that she wanted as much as they could loan her. With a Kelly Blue Book value of $3810, TFC Title Loans was able to give her $2,510. That’s over half of the cars equity value! When discussing the payment options and the level of interest, Patricia let her TFC representative know that it seemed too high of payment to fit into her lifestyle. TFC values its customers and knows that life calls for demand. With her situation, TFC wanted to cause as little stress on Patricia as possible. After all, she wanted to turn her life around. TFC lowered the interest rate for her, which allowed her to have smaller monthly payments.

Now, Patricia is set to pay her loan completely by July 2019. With no prepayment penalties, she can even pay more money towards the loan when she feels comfortable. She plans to save each month to pay off her loan and to get herself back on solid ground. Going into her nearest TFC location, she walked out feeling like a small weight had been lifted. She told her representative that the process wasn’t too difficult and the customer experience was “very helpful”. We’re glad that we could be a part of Patricia’s journey, and that we were able to make a difference in her life. As long as our customers are satisfied, so are we. Now you know the story of the Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic.

Choose TFC Title Loans

Since business began for TFC Title Loans in 1994, we’ve been able to help thousands of customers like Patricia L. who really didn’t know what the next move in life was after a setback. Our goal is to help our customers and relieve some of the unwanted stress. We value ourselves on customer satisfaction, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to do that. Patricia’s story is one of the thousands, and we hope it was able to show you that you can trust TFC. Not only do you have satisfaction and relief to look forward to, but we have many more benefits that you get to take advantage of.

  • Funds up to $50,000
  • Streamlined application process
  • Money in as little as one business day
  • Locations across California, New Mexico, and Arizona
  • Title Loan on a 2006 Honda Civic
  • Drive your car while you have your loan
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Loan terms from 24 to 36 months

TFC Title Loans personalizes its terms around your lifestyle. Patricia let her representative know that the interest rate was too high, and she immediately adjusted the rate for her. We want you to be comfortable with your agreement.

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It’s easy to start! Fill out an online application and see if you qualify for a loan today. Once you submit your application, a representative will call you within hours from when you submit the application. Get started on your process today and solve the money problems that are weighing you down.

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