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26 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Ways to Save on a Tight Budget


pexels-photo-416322Budgeting and finding the best way to save a dollar has become a growing trend in an expensive economy. Learning ways to save on a tight budget can be essential.

TFC Title Loans has been assisting their customers with their financial dilemmas for over 20 years. Through our research and our experience with our customers, we have come up with some great ways that you and your family can save money on a tight budget.


New rates

Negotiating new rates with your utility providers can get you a deal. If you live in a regulated state where the energy costs are given to one or two providers, then the electric or gas bill may not budge. But, if you live in a deregulated state, utility providers have more competition and you can negotiate.

Explain to them that you need a lower rate, or you will seek a different provider. This usually works when you’re outside of your contract term, so make sure you double check your providers before threatening to leave their services.

Unplug electronics

Even though your computer, TV, or other equipment may be “off”, they still steal some electric power to keep the electronics on sleep mode. Investing in a power strip that saves you energy and cuts the electric when it’s not in use could be a good move. Unplugging electronics is more effective, or making sure everything is completely off.

Seal off drafts

During the cold seasons, any gaps around your doors or windows can waste valuable heating or energy. You can seal them with foam or special “under-the-door” draft stop.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are becoming a trend in homes right now. They help you save a lot of money on heating and energy because you can program the air to turn off and on at certain times of the day. When you’re not home, you can keep the air or heating off and program it to turn on about an hour before you come home. Then, you are saving energy or heating for 8 hours on an average work day.


Bulk buy

Investing in a membership for places like Costco or Sam’s Club could benefit your grocery bill. If you and your family tend to consume a lot of a certain snack item, milk, cheese, or different meat, then buying in bulk can save you money. Instead of spending $3 on a six pack of popcorn, you could spend $11 on a 44 pack. That could last you longer than your six pack and it’s half the cost.

Meal plan

Meal planning can save you multiple trips to the store throughout the week and also plays into the bulk buying. If you know what to get for the week come grocery day, you’re not buying things that may go to waste or having to make another $100 shopping trip to make dinner.

Less meat

Too much meat can get expensive, especially depending on the type of meat and the amount of people you need to feed. Cutting back meat in your diet is not only good for you, but good for your wallet, too. Getting creative with your meals and the variety can be fun, and potentially a money saver if you make a meal your family really enjoys.

Eating out

Everyone likes to eat out because of the time it can save you, especially for lunches or on the weekends. Eating out too much can add up in price. Pick certain places with deals on days of the week, and pack lunches instead. You can also get great coupons online from websites like Groupon.

Activities & Entertainment

City activities

If you or your children are signed up for league activities, choosing a public league over a private league can sometimes save you a lot more money. Public leagues are not only cheaper in registration fees, but they tend to provide you some of the equipment that private parties make you purchase on your own.

Free/low-cost events

Do research in your local community on free or low-cost events happening around you. Sometimes you can find fun, family events like a movie in the park, reduced admission to a zoo, free museum days, or matinee movie nights.

In the end, movies nights can be cheaper if you have accounts for companies like Netflix or Hulu. Waiting for them to come out a few months after the release can be worth the price and wait. Another great saver is Groupon, once again. They can have deals on activities in your area for group ratings.

Car & Transportation

Car insurance

Car insurance always has different ways to save money. Loyalty programs, driver rewards, club memberships, student grades – so many more. Calling your provider to discuss the different ways you can save will benefit you. Researching your company and the discounts they provide will sometimes be better than outright asking a representative. You also have a lot more wiggle room for threatening to switch.


Whenever you get a chance, walk or bike to places around your town. If you have kids, this can be particularly fun for them because it’s a change of pace and an adventure. Biking to a nearby park, pool, or even to grab desert can save money on short distances that tend to waste more gas mileage.

Affordable gas

With technology today, there are ways to find the cheapest gas location in your area or on your path of travel. There are apps that help you, and sometimes different GPS apps will tell you a deal. Learn the locations in your area that have a deal, and maybe driving the extra mile or two to the next town over will help save up to 10 cents.

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