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What Are Cash Title Loans?


What Are Cash Title LoansWhat are cash title loans? We get asked this question very often here at TFC Title Loans.

We receive it so often that we thought we might as well publish an informational article about it so that every customer can learn what they are and how they work. There is no one better equipped to answer all your questions as we are actually the oldest title loan lender in California.

We have 25 years’ worth of knowledge which we believe we are responsible to pass on to all of our loyal customers. We feel responsible to pass all this information on because ever since we first opened our doors in 1994, we have been incredibly passionate about consumer education and lender transparency. TFC Title Loans consistently makes our customers the number one priority in our business model. When they are satisfied then we have done our job.

What Are Cash Title Loans?

There are still many people who do not know what Car Cash Title Loans are or how they work because they haven’t always been as common as tradition personal loans in the lending industry.What Are Cash Title Loans

However, they have been gaining in popularity in the last decade as more and more people are realizing how convenient and necessary they are. Car Cash Title Loans like those we offer here at TFC are perfect for individuals who cannot wait for the long stretches of time that are required for loan applications and approval processes at banking institutions and for those who have less-than-perfect-credit scores which might lead to a rejection from the bank.

How the Car Cash Title Loans Application Process Works

  1. Online Application:

    Filling out our car title loan online application is so incredibly simple and fast that it will likely only take you five minutes or less to cash title loan applicationcomplete.

  2. Call from Us:

    Once we receive all your information from the application form, we will give you a call. This is to give you a free quote and see if you wish to continue with the approval process.

  3. Documents Needed:

    In order to approve you, we need to see a few documents. This includes your vehicle’s title, proof of residency, identification, proof of income, and registration.

  4. Vehicle Inspection:

    Once you are approved and you come in to pick up your money, we verify the condition of your car to make sure it matches up with the original details you provided to us.

  5. Finalize the Terms:

    Study your terms and conditions in the contract for your title loan and then sign off on it.

  6. Leave with Your Money:cash title loans leave with your money

    Walk out of the office with your loan money! It’s a simple as that! Now, you have the finances you need during an emergency or during personal financial circumstances that require a title loan.

  7. Pay Off Your Loan:

    Pay according to the schedule monthly payments. Or, pay off the loan as early as you would like! We charge no prepayment penalties. Remember, paying off your loan is crucial, especially if you’re trying to maintain a decent credit score or even if you’re in the process of rebuild your credit.

  8. Get Your Title Back:

    When you have fully paid down your loan? We’ll send your title back to you after releasing a lien on it! Getting a lien released and the title to your car is an exhilarating feeling! You’re life is now less stress filled and you have a car in your name. You can then either choose to continue to drive it freely as you wish or sell it for profit! Now, you have the freedom to make a decision of your own without the weight of a lender over your shoulders.

Additional Information About Car Cash Title Loans

If, after reading this, you still have questions about what title loans are? Or what our company is like? Then give us a call straight away! We would be so happy to answer all of them! And, if you prefer, you can utilize our online chat option as well. Feel you’re ready to take the next step towards obtaining your car title loan? Fill out our online application through TFC Title Loans and get approved today!

cash title loan customers

Just fill in some basic information about your car. We then will get back to you within only a few short hours after receiving your information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do car title loans work the same as home title loans?

Yes, both title loans are given based on the value of the owned property.

Are title loans good for emergency money?

Title loans are great for making money in a hurry because you get money quickly and keep your car. No company can match TFC Title Loans when it comes to low interest rate fast cash for any situation.

Can I get a second car using a title loan?

Absolutely. The key is using the first car's title to put a down payment on your next vehicle. You can build a car collection quickly using this strategy. If you have any questions about which new or classic cars to buy, ask TFC Car Title Loans.

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