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What Does a Title Loan Require?


What Does a Title Loan Require?Are you undergoing a financial crisis in your life right now? Are you currently considering an auto title loan to help you out? Wondering what does a title loan require? Well we will answer your title loan questions.

If you are, you may be wondering what does a title loan require. Here, at TFC Title Loans, we can explain all that is necessary and required to receive a title loan so that you can make the most informed decision on whether it is the best option for you.

We have been loyally assisting consumers with Car Title Loans for nearly 25 years now and would be delighted to work with you next.

What title loans require tend to be a lot simpler than the requirements of most other traditional lending options because we only base the amount of the loan on the equity value in your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan in monthly installments.

Secured Loans with Collateral

An auto title loan is a secured loan meaning that the money lent to you has collateral which means it won’t have quite as many requirements in order to gain approval.

You don’t even need to have a perfect credit score, we only check your credit score to ensure that you aren’t currently undergoing credit counseling or in active bankruptcy. This permits us to help many individuals with financial funding needs who aren’t typically eligible for traditional bank loans. You do not need to have a bank account to get a title loan with us.

What Does a Title Loan Require?

Ever since we opened our doors in 1994, we have been passionate about excellent customer service. We have consistently made our customers our number one priority which is why we make sure that you fully understand our lending process in its entirety. To learn more please continue reading.

Vehicle Documentation

In order to prove that you are the rightful owner and that there are no other liens, title loan lenders require that you show your title of ownership and title registration plus the proof of insurance. Additionally, if you recently just paid off a lien you may need to provide the lien release paperwork from your previous loan.

Residency Documentation

Since title loans aren’t available in all states, you will need to prove you live in a state that does allow them to borrow. Residency documentation can also help verify your identity. The documentation you supply can be in the form of a recent utility bill, a recent phone bill, a house deed, a lease agreement, or a statement/letter from your landlord.

Financial Documentation

Even though you are providing collateral through your vehicle, you will still need to prove that you can afford to make the monthly payments because a lender doesn’t want to lend you money you won’t be able to pay back. There are several ways to do this including providing one to four weeks’ worth of pay stubs, if you are self-employed you can provide one to three years-worth of tax records or bank statements, and if you are unemployed then you can provide proof of public assistance or Social Security or pension.

Identification Documentation

To get a title loan you will need to provide your driver’s license and social security number to verify your identity. If you are not licensed to drive but own a car, lenders will also accept a valid state-issued identification, a military identification, or a passport.

Reference Information

Most lenders require between three and five references. For TFC Title Loans, you will need to include four references providing their names, phone numbers, and their relationship to you.

If, after reading this, you are left with any questions regarding the requirements for a title loan then give us a call and we would be happy to answer them. However, if you are ready to get started with your title loan application then fill out the online form today!

How to Get a Title Loan without a Bank Account

Have you ever wondered how to get a title loan without a bank account? Well, with a title loan, there are no strict requirements like there are with traditional loans.

They are a flexible option compared to the traditional lenders. TFC Title Loans accepts people with bad credit or those who don’t have a bank account.

We make retrieving a loan a lot more accessible for those who are in need of financial assistance. Without a great credit score or a bank account, obtaining a traditional loan could be extremely difficult and take weeks to finalize. TFC makes your loan process easier and obtainable.

What is a Car Title Loan & What Does a Title Loan Require?

What Does a Title Loan Require?Have you ever wondered how to get a title loan without a bank account? Have you ever considered obtaining a title loan? What does a title loan require? Do you know what to take to get a title loan? Do you even know what a title loan is? Well, we won’t assume you know so we will break everything into pieces in this content. However, it’s important to know that there are no strict requirements like there are with traditional loans.

They are a flexible option compared to the traditional lenders. They are a flexible option compared to the traditional lenders. For clarity sake, let me quickly digress to answer the questions above.

A title loan is a flexible loan that offers you money against the title of your car rather than your credit scores.

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Same requirements as above.

No Bank Account Required

REQUIREMENT FOR TITLE LOANReading all the requirements above, you will understand that there is no appearance of any bank name or any bank documents. This is to prove that you do not need a bank account to get a title loan.

You don’t need a bank account to be approved for an auto title loan with TFC Title Loans. However, on a few occasions, you may be asked to provide your account information but we only as such is when you don’t have any other way to prove your income.

In some cases when you’re self-employed or don’t have a traditional source of income, a bank account verifies that you do receive an income.  Remember that we’ve earlier mentioned that this title loan is flexible, and we’ve also mentioned that we plan your repayment plan taking into consideration your source of income.

Income Flow

Obviously, you will understand better why we need to be ascertained of your income flow. If you have pay stubs or checks from your employment, then you don’t need to worry about providing a bank account. A bank account isn’t required to receive your funds or pay your loan. When you are approved and have signed your loan agreement, TFC will provide you your money in your hand.

We don’t need to wire it to an account in order for you to receive it. When you have to make your monthly payment for your loan, there are many different ways to pay your balance. If you prefer to pay with prepaid cards or cash, you can:

  • Pay over the phone
  • Pay online with your customer login
  • Visit a TFC location and pay

Financial Future

Can I Use My Car to Get a Loan?Maybe you once tried or probably you are fed up with some bank charges or bank hours seems to be inconvenient for you or you don’t trust banks or don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

You may think you’re too young or you don’t even know how to bank. Whatever the reason may be, we want to tell you that a bank account is essential and also, wants to help you acquire one.

We know the value of bank and we will like to let you know that bank accounts are essential. Apart from the fact that your money is safe in the bank, it makes managing your finance a lot easier and also assists you in creating a viable budget as you can easily have access to what you have in your bank statement.

One Bank Account Can Make Life Easier

Jut one bank account can make your whole life easier than your imagination, it enhances your safety, you don’t have to receive your pay by hand, you can discuss with your employer to channel your paycheck into your bank account.

As technology advance, numerous are the benefits of operating bank accounts, we can mention all but we will like to touch few of the advantages. It includes:

  •    FDIC insured banks: a safe place to insure your money
  •    Free checking accounts exist
  •    Banks accept low deposit amounts
  •    Avoid check cashing fees
  •    The convenience of a card or ATM access
  •    Open an account with ITIN or other identification forms
  •    Secure transfers and transactions
  •    Collect interest on checking and/or savings accounts
  •    Online bill payments using a credit card
  •    Automatic bill payment

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How to Apply Without a Bank Account

How to Apply Without a Bank AccountAlthough a bank account is great and offers numerous advantages much more than the few we mentioned, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the full benefit of a title loan when the need arises. As long as you have a vehicle with a clear and free title, you can apply for an auto title loan and understand how does a car title loan work.

By using the title of your car as collateral, your credit score or bank account access does not matter to TFC. It doesn’t affect your qualification or loan amount. We base your loan and the approval on your car value and your ability to repay the loan. You could get anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000 with the title of your car. Then, you can have anywhere from 24 to 36 months to pay off your loan.


TFC has streamlined their application process to make it quicker and easier for you to apply. With our application, you could have your funds in as little as one business day.

To start, all you have to do is apply online or call TFC to have a representative help you. Once you’ve submitted the application, a TFC representative will call you to discuss your loan amount, the terms, and to collect all your required documents. After your documents have been received and approved, you head over to the nearest TFC store or signing location to sign your loan agreement and collect your money.


To prepare you for the documents you will need to know how much you can get on a  car title loan, we’ve provided a list for you. Then, you’ll be prepared for the call from your representative and you can get your money as quick as possible. As earlier mentioned, the following documents will be needed to approve your loan:

  •    Original vehicle title
  •    Proof of identification
  •    A proof of residence
  •    Proof of vehicle insurance
  •    4 references (name, phone number, and relationship). It’s important for you to know that it’s much different from guarantor that will be requested from unsecured traditional loans. With them, when you failed to pay, you put your guarantors in trouble but with us, references are just people that when we contact, they know information about you.
  •    Pictures of the vehicle (four sides, VIN plate, and odometer)
  •    Proof of income/ability to repay the loan

Great Customer Service

What Does a Title Loan Require?Great customer service is one of the reasons why we are rated far above our competitors. Our staffs are well trained and they render the best of services to our clients. They are always available in person and on phone to answer your calls.

They treat each customer as personable! Furthermore, they are always discreet about customers’ information. And, they treated them confidentially as much as they can. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We evaluate every situation and will make the best recommendation to make sure our customers don’t put themselves in a position to lose their collateral. If you’re still wondering what does a car loan require, where to get car title loans open today, or how does a car title loan work, do not hesitate in calling us immediately!

Now you have all the information you need to apply for an auto title loan with TFC. Before you apply, we will like to let you know the few benefits you will enjoy when you apply for an auto title loan with us.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does My Name Need To Be On A Car Title To Get Title Loans?

Yes. You'll need an original car title showing sole ownership along with a government-issued identification card matching the name on the title.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

To get a car title loan, the potential borrower brings their vehicle and the necessary documents to the prospected lender. The lender will keep the title to the vehicle, place a lien on it, and lend money to the borrower.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Title Loans?

The most ideal candidates for auto title loans are people who own their vehicles outright and understand the costs that come with the title loan.

How Much Cash Can i Get?

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