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03 Jun 2019   /   0 comments

What Does Refinancing a Title Loan Mean?


pexels-photo-261664Many people wonder what does refinancing a title loan means. It is a very valid question as to the financial wording that the lending industry uses can, at times, be quite confusing.

We would like to help clear things up a bit for you as we are strong believers in lender transparency and consumer education so we want to explain things in the most basic way possible so everyone can understand what they are signing up for.

You never should enter into a financial decision without being well-informed first. You should find the best title lender, who will get you the best rates. With us, we have the best rates.

We have been in the title loan lending industry for nearly 25 years, making us the oldest title loan lender in California.

We have lasted so long in the industry because of the emphasis we put on customer service. We have drawn thousands of customers to obtain title loans through our services over all other services out there.

It is also because of this customer service that we have decided to start expanding our website. We have been working hard to be a resource to all of our customers through these informative articles that we post daily on our website.

We wish to answer any questions you might have so you can make the best well-informed decision possible. In this particular article, we will be addressing exactly what does refinancing a title loan means. If you wish to learn more about this particular subject, then please continue reading.

However, if you are not interested in refinancing but would rather just obtain your first title loan then we highly encourage you to consider relying on TFC Title Loans for your title loan needs.

We would positively love to work with you and provide you with the many benefits that we have to offer. To get started, simply go to the homepage of our website and fill out the quick and easy online application. It will only take five minutes out of your day and you can get a free quote with no obligation at any time.

What Does Refinancing a Title Loan Mean?

The refinancing of a title loan basically means that one title loan company will pay off the remaining balance of your current title loan so that you can access the benefits and better rates of the new title loan lender.

Refinancing your title loan is the perfect solution for those who are struggling to make payments, for those who have experienced poor customer service with their current lender, or those who have unnecessarily high-interest rates that they cannot afford.

If you choose to refinance with TFC Title Loans, you will likely receive better interest rates, more affordable and flexible payment plans, along with improving customer service representation with loan agents who are on your side.

The Process of Refinancing a Title Loans

The process of refinancing a title loan is not as difficult as it might first sound to be. We work hard to make it simple and easy, which means we end up doing most of the work on your behalf. Here is how the process usually goes:

1. First, you ought to make sure that you are making the best decision in deciding to refinance. Review the current terms and conditions with your current lender and make sure that the refinancing terms set by your lender allow you to refinance your loan.

Compare your current interest rates to the quotes that we provide you and take a look at how much you still owe versus how much you have already paid.

2. Next, you can take a look at the benefits that your current lender offers you and compare that with what we can offer you here at TFC Title Loans and see which one will better suit your interests.

3. Give us a call to discuss your options and then we will be able to guide you step by step throughout the rest of the refinancing process. We will obtain the necessary documentation and information that we need from either you or your current lender.

4. Lastly, we will be taking care of the remaining balance leftover from your previous title loan and work that into your new terms and conditions. You can be at peace knowing that you are saving both time and money by switching over to TFC.

If you have any remaining questions that you would like to ask about the process of refinancing your loan, then please give us a call right away.

We would be very happy to hear from you! However, if you have come to the conclusion that you would like to refinance your current title loan with TFC Title Loans then fill out our online application today. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

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