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What You Pay and What You Get When Getting A Car Title Loan

Caroline Mwandawiro
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Getting a Car Title Loan: The importance of car title loans in the world we live in cannot be overemphasized. Title loans provide individuals with a way to get short-term loans which would be needed to cover some urgent business which they may have.

Getting a Car Title Loan

These loans can easily be gotten through the process of using your vehicle as a sort of collateral for the loan. In order for this loan to actually be valid and for your car to qualify, your car has to be free from any encumbrances from a third party or anyone whatsoever.

Once you have pledged your car to the title loan company, the next step would be for you to hand over the title documents as a sort of lien to the company. It is important to remember that most of the amount you would be allowed to borrow or be lent would depend on the value of your car.

In other words, you would only be able to take a loan which is worth the value of your car. You can, however, expect to get a loan which is about half the value of your car as most title corporations would be in a hurry to sell off your car in the case that you default on payment and would not have the patience to get the actual value of your car.  

Due to the fact that title loans are always short-term in their nature, most of the repayment options are short-term in nature. Most title loan companies would expect their customers that money has been loaned out to pay back within a month. Normally, the days that you are given are between a fortnight and a month. This is believed to be ample time to pay back this loan and reclaim your car.

For the most title loan company, you would have the option of rolling your loan over to a new loan where you would have a full one-month duration to deal with. However, you should be wary of the fact that you would need to pay full loan fees should it be rolled over to a new month.

Getting a title loan is not a difficult feat and can actually be rewarding if used in the right way. You could be able to sort out your financial problems and stay organized for the future.

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