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27 Mar 2019   /   0 comments

Who Uses Title Loans?

who uses title loans

pexels-photo-217011As the oldest title loan lender in California, we have served thousands of customers so we are very familiar with the full array of who uses title loans. Each and every customer is different since every single situation is unique. But there are a lot of common threads that run throughout many of our client’s reasoning. Sometimes it can be comforting to know why other people choose to use title loans so that you know you are not alone in your particular need.

Here, at TFC Title Loans, we put our customers first. This dedication we have to customer service and support means that we work hard to be a resource to our customers in more ways than just lending money to them when they need it. Over the past 25 years, we have become increasingly passionate about consumer education which is why we have been working very hard recently to expand our website to include pages upon pages of resources and information explaining all aspects of title loans and instructional articles on personal finances. We want to see you succeed, not only in repaying your loan but in the rest of your financial future as well.

Ever since we first opened our doors in 1994, we have assisted thousands upon thousands of customers in obtaining the money they need through title loans. These individuals have desperately needed emergency funding and have not been able to access it elsewhere because of the unfair system of credit reporting. We have helped them and we can help you!

These are some answers to the question who uses title loans:

Someone Who Needs Holiday or Birthday Money

Whether a significant other, a friend, or close family member- everybody has a birthday. You need to express that you care. If you can’t manage to pay for a gift for their birthday or for another holiday like Christmas or Hanukah, you may be left feeling embarrassed and ashamed. A title loan can show your partner that you care for them on Valentine’s Day or show your niece that you are invested in her future.

Someone Who is Moving

Moving can be a tremendously expensive process but, at specific times in life, it is necessary to change your living situation whether it is for family growth or downsizing purposes you need some extra money for the moving trucks, the movers, the boxes, and the down payment. A title loan can give you funding for your move quickly so you don’t have to put your moving process on hold only to be turned away by a bank.

Someone with a Family Emergency

You never know what might be waiting around the corner. A family is complex and you can’t always control what occurs to those you love or what those you love choose to do. But no matter what blood is thicker than water and you have to support your family. You might need money to bail out a family member that made a mistake. You may need extra funding to support your ailing mother, father, or grandparent. A title loan can get you the funding you need to show you care.

Someone Who Needs to Do Home Repairs

If your home’s plumbing breaks, that is not something you can disregard. Something like that necessitates a quick fix but those kinds of repairs can be costly. If you don’t have a satisfactory emergency fund saved, then you ought to get a title loan so you can cover those costs and get back to life as usual with a fully operational house.

Someone Who Can’t Make Rent/Mortgage Payments

Sometimes our monthly compensation just doesn’t cover the bills we need to pay. When you find yourself in that situation, you likely feel fearful and uncertain where to turn. It feels as if you are one bill away from being thrust out onto the streets and having to live out of your car. But with a title loan, you can use that car to get enough money to pay your rent check. And, don’t worry, you still don’t lose your mode of transportation.

Someone Who Needs to Pay Medical Bills

There is no preparation for a medical emergency. Even with a quality health insurance plan, your medical bills can still be unmanageable. And it is even worse if you don’t have a quality health insurance plan. When you are drowning in medical bills, a title loan can help you pay them off so you can move on with your life with both your health and your finances intact.

Someone Who Has to Cover Funeral Expenses

When a loved one dies, there is already enough grief to deal with without money anxieties being added on top of that. Many people are incapable of providing funds for their burial and funeral ceremony but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be put to rest just like every other person who can afford the savings. A title loan could help you cover the expense of your loved one’s memorial service, funeral, burial and/or cremation. The focus of this time ought not to be about money but about saying goodbye properly.

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